The Strawberry Patch

Strawberry Patch is renowned for its extensive range of flavored gourmet coffee, catering to the discerning coffee enthusiast with a distinctive collection of specialty blends, all exclusively roasted for our establishment. Among our cherished offerings, “Salado Blend” holds a special place and has earned a dedicated following, with many customers opting for UPS shipments directly to their door.

Step into our store and immerse yourself in the delightful experience of our tasting bars. These bars are adorned with an authentic selection of Texas salsas, gourmet sauces, dressings, and specialty jams. Visitors have the pleasure of sampling and relishing a diverse array of exquisite foods and delicacies, paving the way for them to stock up on their favorites for home, family, and friends.”


209 N Main St, Salado, TX 76571


(254) 947-9955