Lucy’s Icehouse

Lucy’s Icehouse stands as a true connoisseur in the realm of tacos, boasting a wealth of expertise in crafting these delectable treats. Not only does it excel in the culinary arts, but it also nurtures a fervent dedication to the art of libations, catering to enthusiasts seeking finely crafted beverages. Moreover, Lucy’s Icehouse takes great pride in cultivating an unwavering passion for live music, providing a platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their talents. With an intricate blend of culinary mastery, a devotion to exceptional drinks, and a commitment to the rhythm of live performances, Lucy’s Icehouse creates an immersive experience that indulges the senses and fosters a vibrant, multifaceted ambiance.

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805 N Main Street, Salado, TX, United States


1 254-563-6966