The Gault Archaelogical Site

The Gault Site has been known by archaeologists for at least 78 years. In 1929, the first anthropologist at the University of Texas, J.E. Pearce, had a crew excavating at the site for eight weeks. Though primarily interested in the Archaic burnt-rock midden showing on the surface Pearce’s crew managed to excavate a handful of Paleoindian artifacts including Clovis cultural materials more than 2 years before the discoveries at Blackwater Draw. During excavations by the Gault School of Archaeological Research between 1999 and 2013 more than 2.6 million artifacts were recovered – about 600,000 of them of Clovis age (12,700-13,500 years ago). A unique Clovis feature, a stone floor, was discovered as well as more than one hundred engraved stones – amongst the earliest art in the Americas. More than 150,000 artifacts from an earlier occupation, between 16,000-21,000 years ago were also found here. Tours of the Gault site can be arranged for groups or schools (Monday – Saturday). Tours must be arranged as the Gault site is private property. Length, activities and program are somewhat different depending on the nature of the group but are generally about 3 hours long and cover about 11/2 miles. At the end of the tour there is a small picnic area.

Topics covered include:
– hypotheses regarding the peopling of the Americas
– the geology and history of this area of Central Texas
– cultural history of central Texas
– primitive technologies
– important finds from the Gault site
– archaeological excavation

Educational groups are free, otherwise there is a $10/person fee for tours (children 10 years of age and younger are free).
Tours are arranged on a first-come basis and must have at least 10 people. If you are interested in touring the site but are not part of a group or classroom then the Bell County Museum in Belton and the Williamson County Museum in Georgetown both offer regularly scheduled tours that individuals can register for (tour schedules can be seen at To arrange for a tour of the Gault site contact the Executive Director, Clark Wernecke at:


3439 FM2843, Florence, TX 76527