Sirena Garden

The legend of Sirena, a native American Indian mermaid, was beautifully expressed in 1985 by local artist Troy Kelley in a life-size bronze mermaid statue.

According to local legend, a beautiful Indian maiden named Sirena wished to marry an Indian brave who didn’t return her feelings.  Sitting by the river looking at her reflections, she expressed her wish.   A magical catfish overheard her, and promised to help her win the warrior if she would agree to become a mermaid on each full moon for a year, swimming with the catfish in the river.  Additionally, while in the shape of a mermaid during each full moon that year, if human eyes ever saw her in the moonlight, she would then have to remain a mermaid forever.

Sirena agreed and soon married the Indian brave.  On each full moon Sirena dove into the river as a mermaid and swam the night with the catfish.   On the last full moon of the year, Sirena caught a fishhook on her fin while swimming, and climbed onto a ledge near a bubbling spring to remove the fishhook from her fin.

While working to unhook it, her husband happened to see her sitting there.  As their eyes met for one last time, the catfish pulled her back into the river, to remain a mermaid forever.  The spring keeps flowing, watered by her tears.


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