Salado College Ruins (SITE 1)

Possibly the most important non-residential structure in Salado was Salado College, which was built in 1861.  It now exists only as ruins on a hill just south of the creek. 

The building originally stood two stories tall, with the main entrance facing south. The west wall and the northeast comer of the east wall are all that survived amid piles of stone rubble that remained from the last fire.

Examination of the remains, however, reveals a surprising sophistication in the construction of the stone walls, which were once plastered with a lime mortar and scored to emulate smooth, precise ashlar courses. 

In 1890, the structure became the Thomas Arnold High School and remained until 1918. It was abandoned in 1924 after the third fire. (RTHL) 


423 S Main St, Salado, TX 76571