Salado Church of Christ

Rooted in history, the inception of the Salado Church of Christ traces back to March 10, 1859. At that juncture, a devoted assembly of thirty-six Christians, under the guidance of Dr. Carroll Kendrick, emerged from the original Darrs’ Creek congregation. Gathering within a brush arbor situated along the northern bank of Salado Creek—presently the site of the Baptist Church edifice—the congregation was established, marking an unbroken lineage of existence since that pivotal moment.

With two distinctive edifices gracing our property, the worship building stands proudly along the IH-35 access road. Visitors are welcome to park on either side of the structure, affording easy access to its front. Our steadfast conviction is anchored in the divine inspiration of the scriptures within the Holy Bible, a boundless source of wisdom and guidance. Each Sunday, the sermons reverberate with the teachings from these sacred texts, translating them into relatable lessons that we can embrace and embody in our lives. Guiding us through these teachings is our preacher, Joe Keyes, who leads our congregation with passion and devotion.


217 N. Stagecoach Road, Salado, TX 76571


(254) 947-5241